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urban climate

17 July 2016 Unpublished

The London School of Architecture Summer Show&Tell

On Thursday 16 June at the Design Museum, this year’s final Show & Tell unveiled the work of five Design Think Tanks, all of which offered daring new proposals for London. The Unstable City Think Tank led by Marko&Placemakers and Grimshaw recalibrated Rotherhithe to benefit from new organisations of economic, political, social and environmental instability.

16 June 2013 Unpublished

Hidden Lungs of the City

by Veronika Kovacsova

The human civilisation is becoming ever more urban. With the growing densification in our cities, open, green spaces are put under pressure. As a person living and commuting between the Austrian and Slovak capital, I see the increasing number of built, non-permeable surfaces (such as asphalt and concrete) increase. Occasional and sudden events such as overflowing streets of Vienna after a heavy rain or snow melting down, an overheated square in central Bratislava during the summer period are a result of continuous, reckless paving of our cities. This is not climate change. This is visionless urban planning.