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7 August 2018 Unpublished

Architecture in Schools - Imagining the Shared City

by Petra Marko

This summer I had the pleasure of joining a group of judges for the Open City's Architecture in Schools initiative. This creative learning programme for primary school pupils aims to inspire the next generation of city-shapers, building an understanding how architecture informs the world around us. I was particularly pleased to be involved this year as the theme was Shared City – opening up the debate beyond architecture of buildings to all the places and spaces between them where we meet and play every day.

25 November 2013 Unpublished

Why Architecture Should Always Carry Meaning

by Joanne Pouzenc

A few months ago, my friend Taina Guedes, Brazilian food-artist based in Berlin, came to us – Sven Hoehne and myself – asking for a favour: can we build a mobile-kitchen-instrument? Strange question…we know we can build a kitchen. We know we can make it move. We suppose it can make sounds too? So, I answered as an architect would: