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Designing experience is about creating excitement and desire. This form of site-specific urban scenography involves integrating both natural and artificial elements such as seasonal changes, art, light, colour, humour and branding. Through presence of people – the actors, this scenography becomes alive, developing a day-to-day narrative. Entrance to Las Vegas captures the moment of anticipation just before the opening of a show, before the curtain goes up and the audience becomes part of a fictional world - in this case, the largest show on Earth, the city of Las Vegas.

New Paseo Bulnes is about creating something that is unique and spectacular, yet affordable and functional. A chain of experiences encouraging people to explore the area, offering different pro-gramme and activities through all sea-sons.

Bull Ring Wind Wands animate the new square and its surroundings with a wind induced movement emulating behaviour of trees and plants. The rotating leaves are reflecting activities on ground, creating a never-ending spectacle.

Activated through movement of people, Ice House Square becomes a continuously evolving story of light and colour. Invisible sensors pick up people’s direction or enclose them in “rooms of light”. Being part of this game, whether actively or subconsciously, creates a dialogue between the different actors.

Over the weekends, the Market Square becomes extended living room for citizens and visitors of the historical town of Kettering. A sand box, a music stage, water games, local farmer’s market – a hub for active community life.

Vibrant colour infusion of forms and shapes creates a landscape for imagination at Emslie Horniman Park children’s playground.

MIllwall Dock has long forgotten the buzz of activities connected with London harbour and the vast water surfaces have become empty and soulless. A new opportunity of life on water – in form of migrating interconnected islands with different activities will create an intriguing ‘green’ scenography.