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AA Visiting School Seoul - Social Algorithms 5.0

Igor Marko led the The Architectural Association Visiting School in Seoul, South Korea, in July 2017. His unit, The Narrated City, researched placemaking based on urban narratives, storytelling, psychogeography and the construction of language and meaning, as part of the overarching theme Social Algorithms. The unit explored Garibong, one of the most diverse neighbourhoods of Seoul, developing a parametric tool responding to the constantly evolving social, economic and environmental conditions of urban space. The interaction of existing and fictional users/urban actors formed the structural elements of the Narrated City. This people oriented design encourages communication and interaction that allows negotiations to take place. 

 AA Visiting School Social Algorithms 5.0 in Seoul took place in July 2017 at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea.

The Narrated City (unit 4) was led by Igor Marko. Unit 4 students: Aaron Yeap, Amy Chen, Chris Sun, Hyun Ji Kim, Trinh Pham, Samantha Goh, Chris Sun, Zi Min Ting, Amos Ng Tse Way, Ariel Bintang, Soyeon Kang, Keunwook Steve Kim, Neuman Chow

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