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Harrow Industrial Stories - mapping local economy, London, UK

Research and mapping of the local economy on Harrow's industrial estates
Completed: 2013
Client: Greater London Authority + London Borough of Harrow
Team: Marko&Placemakers

The research provides a detailed picture of businesses on the industrial estates within Harrow's intensification area. The work provides Harrow Council with key insights to better understand the important role and potential of both existing and new businesses in the local economy and how they can be supported.

The report focuses on making the research results useful and engaging. The data is gathered by visiting the businesses and talking to the owners and employees. Colourful infographics, company profiles and photographs of the people that make up the businesses bring the analysis to life, making it easy to understand for a wider audience.

The research demonstrates that the current understanding of businesses on industrial estates is far from complete as it is often only based on high level data collected by government. The data provides an interesting but often distorted overview which loses sight of the important role of the people which make up the businesses that constitute the local economy. The potential for local economic growth begins with these people.